Our Team

Our Team

Webcallworld Co.,ltd. Has Developed a Unique Web Based Communication Technology to meet the expected increased in the Communication demand as the E - Commerce will continue to grow exponentially in the 21st Century, by participating in the "Web -to- Phone" Research Activities at the Seoul National University Venture Organization in South Korea, since the 9th of November 1996.
Our Company has gained valuable technical Know-how of the Voip technology. With a solid Foundation Of The Technology, We have focused our Business...

Dennis Roberts

Founder & CEO

As FinExpert's founder, Dennis solves issues concerning the company's development and its departments...

Clarke Grinn

Financial Advisor

Clarke provides financial planning and wealth management services trying to minimize expenses and risks of our...

Ashley Jonas

Chief Finance Officer

Ashley's main task is to manage the financial risks of Webcall Group. She is also responsible for data analyze.

Johnny Bennett

Tax Consultant

Mr. Benett is an important member of our team. His work consists in managing the taxes and solving various situations...

Joe Norris

Financial Advisor

Ms. Norris deals with various financial concerns of small businesses and startups. He provides online consulting services...

Bernard Harris

Financial Advisor

When it comes to reduction of financial risks of international companies and business corporations, Our leading consultant...